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react-motion provides a powerful simplified API for Reacts TransformGroup, allowing for easy animated effects in your React applications.

Gone are the days when you have to reach for Python, Ruby, or some other language to accomplish your webpage scraping needs. These days, there is a robust set of JavaScript tools running on Node that help you harvest data from your favorite web pages.

Need to manage relationships between your PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite or MSSQL entities in Node.JS? Sequelize provides a clean way to get promise-based ORM in your Node application.

If you are using React, there is a good chance you are also using the Flux architecture. Reflux takes the ideas of Flux, and creates a comprehensive workflow for you to apply unidirectional dataflow to your applications.

angular-formly is an AngularJS module which has a directive to help customize and render JavaScript/JSON configured forms. The formly-form directive and the formlyConfig service are very powerful and bring unmatched maintainability to your application's forms.

Riot.js is a tiny "React-like" micro-library. It is relatively easy to learn because of its simple syntax. While riot is small, it is complete and delivers a ton of functionality in its itty bitty footprint.

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Node.js tutorial about Getting Started with Express - MongoDB Integration

Getting Started with Express - MongoDB Integration

9:09 Node.js PRO

This lesson will walk you through replacing the app's file system reliance with a live MongoDB database. We'll also use a popular ORM library to manage our database operations.

AngularJS tutorial about Sharing Data Between Controllers

Sharing Data Between Controllers

5:13 AngularJS

If AngularJS Controllers are the glue of an application, how do they communicate and pass data around? This introduction to service factories will shed some light on that question.

JavaScript tutorial about Simple drag and drop with Observables

Simple drag and drop with Observables

12:35 JavaScript PRO

Armed with the map and concatAll functions, we can create fairly complex interactions in a simple way. We will use Observable to create a simple drag and drop example with basic DOM elements.

React tutorial about Building an accordion component with React

Building an accordion component with React

8:11 React

In this lesson, we build an accordion component (similar to Chrome's native <details> and <summary> elements) with React. We walk through setting up the component render function, props, state, propType validation, and adding conditional inline styling based on the state (if the accordion details are active or not). All done in ES6.

JavaScript tutorial about Javascript Array methods in depth - slice

Javascript Array methods in depth - slice

9:15 JavaScript

Array slice creates a shallow copy of an array. In this lesson we cover, in detail, exactly what a 'shallow' copy is and how it can trip people up. We go on to look at examples that show to how to copy only the first item, the last item and even how to copy a sub-section of an array excluding the first and last. We end the lesson with a practical example that shows how slice fits into a workflow that contains other array methods such as map & reduce.

React tutorial about Building a React.js App: State, Props, and Thinking in React

Building a React.js App: State, Props, and Thinking in React

10:35 React PRO

In this video, we’ll build out the skeleton of our main React.js components. We’ll talk about how to think in terms of components as well as learn about state and props.

JavaScript tutorial about Advanced Flattening

Advanced Flattening

11:58 JavaScript PRO

In this lesson we solidify our understanding of how to flatten collections. This is perhaps the most important skill when learning to program without loops. We will try our hand at flattening not just a two dimensional collection, but a three-dimensional collection. Later on it will become clear how these skills relate to asynchronous programming.

AngularJS tutorial about Angular with Webpack - Requiring CSS & Preprocessors

Angular with Webpack - Requiring CSS & Preprocessors

6:07 AngularJS PRO

Making your CSS modular is a difficult thing to do, but using Webpack makes this so much easier. By adding a single line to your Webpack config, you can require you CSS, Stylus, Less, etc. files right from your directives and keep everything together.

React tutorial about Building a React.js App: Basic Routing with React Router

Building a React.js App: Basic Routing with React Router

11:47 React PRO

React Router is the most popular, and arguably the best solution for adding Routing to your React application. In this video, we’ll talk about the ideology around React Router as well as set up basic routing for our application.

React tutorial about Building a React.js App: Using ReactFire to Add Data Persistence

Building a React.js App: Using ReactFire to Add Data Persistence

10:11 React PRO

In this video, we’ll tie in ReactFire from Firebase in order to implement persistence into our application for our Notes component as well as walk through how to properly display a list of data.

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I'm a long-time experienced coder looking to get up to speed on Angular asap and I don't have time to google through a bunch of crap tutorials.


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AngularJS Fundamentals

JavaScript Arrays in Depth

Learn HTML5 Graphics and Animation

Angular Automation with Gulp

React: Flux Architecture

AngularJS Data Modeling

AngularJS Authentication with JWT

Introduction to D3

Learn Protractor Testing for AngularJS

Introduction to Node: The Fundamentals

React Native Fundamentals

Angular and Webpack for Modular Applications

How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library

Asynchronous Programming: The End of The Loop

Build Your First React.js App

AngularJS Application Architecture

Introduction to Reactive Programming

Getting Started with Express.js

Ionic Quickstart for Windows

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Amazing job with your #AngularJS video tutorials. Great flow and perfect length.

Louis Sivillo (@sivillo)

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