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Working at Facebook on React. Creator of Redux.
Teaching Redux
Creator of CycleJS and Rx Marbles. Reactive Programming Expert and RxJS Contributor.
Teaching RxJS
Open-source contibutor. Host of the JavascriptAir podcast. Engineering at PayPal.
Teaching JavaScript
Senior Front-End Engineer at Deque Systems working on accessibility tools with axe-core.
Teaching a11y
Egghead is the best training I’ve seen so far – cutting edge with the latest subjects, frameworks, languages – no bull••••!

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  • Build a GraphQL Server
  • Build a React Native Todo Application
  • Build Your First Production Quality React App
  • Component Driven React Development with React Storybook
  • Create an SVG Icon System
  • Create Native Mobile Apps with NativeScript for Angular
  • Deploy Web Apps with Zeit Now
  • Learn Advanced CSS Layout Techniques
  • Learn the Best and Most Useful SCSS
  • Natural Language Processing in JavaScript with Natural
  • Professor Frisby Introduces Composable JavaScript
  • RxJS Beyond the Basics: Higher Order Observables
  • Styling an Application from Start to Finish
  • Understand Angular 2 Directives in Depth
  • Understand the Basics of HTTP
  • Use Grep for Fast Search from the Command Line
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