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illustration for Apply Redux to a Modern React Hooks Application

Apply Redux to a Modern React Hooks Application

Jamund Ferguson
Jamund Ferguson

You will learn how to apply Redux to a modern React Hooks application. Enabling you to effectively implement Redux and test your application at a high level.

illustration for Add Github Login to Your Web App with OAuth 2.0

Learn the fundamental building blocks of Authentication and Authorization on the web using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

illustration for Build a Serverless API with Cloudflare Workers

You will learn how to build and deploy a Serverless API with Cloudflare Workers. Enabling you to effectively manage a highly available backend for your projects.

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Successfully Market Your Work

Marketing Tactics for Software Developers

Developers understand that marketing is beneficial, but can be put off by marketing tactics that seem more focused on making a sale than with sharing something they need or value. But self-promotion doesn’t have to be self-centered, and marketing content can, and should, be relevant to what software developers have created.

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illustration for Concurrent React from Scratch

Mental Models for concurrent React

Concurrent React from Scratch

Shawn Wang・36m

In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of Concurrent React by building a tiny clone of React! We will start with a blank JS file and learn about how React renders components, schedules Time-Slicing updates with a Work Loop, and more!

illustration for Drawing the Invisible: React Explained

Visualize React through Metaphor

Drawing the Invisible: React Explained

Maggie Appleton・36m

A guide to the fundamentals of React explained through five visual metaphors. From component trees to state, Maggie explains the analogies and metaphorical comparisons that helped her "get" React for the first time.

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Build real-world applications

Start Learning Here

These courses will get you started building real-world applications with these tools. They are all excellent introductions if you want to learn something new today.

illustration for The Beginner's Guide to React
Kent C. Dodds・2h 27m ・Course
illustration for The Beginner's Guide to Vue 3
Kevin Cunningham・49m・Course
illustration for Build Modern Layouts with CSS Grid
Hiroko Nishimura・22m・Course
illustration for The Beginner's Guide to Figma
Joe Previte・ Course
illustration for Up and running with Svelte 3
Tomasz Łakomy・26m ・Course

Advance your skills

Web Development Essentials

If you are a complete beginner, web development can be challenging — these courses will provide the essential skills needed to be a well-rounded web developer.

illustration for Write an Open Source JavaScript Library
Kent C. Dodds・1h 30m・Course
illustration for Fix Common Git Mistakes
Chris Achard・44m・Course
illustration for Bash Automation for Web Developers
Cameron Nokes・ Course
illustration for Debug the DOM in Chrome with the Devtools
Mykola Bilokonsky・25m・Course

Staff Picks and Favorites

illustration for Accessible Cross-Browser CSS Form Styling
Stephanie Eckles・1h 52m・Course
illustration for Build Apps with Serverless Functions and Hasura
Jason Lengstorf・1h 27m・Course
illustration for Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding DOM Events
Alex Reardon・2h 9m・Course
illustration for React Crash Course with Hooks

Beginners Hands-On Project

React Crash Course with Hooks

Chris Achard・14m・Course

This course gets you up and running with react in under a minute by using codesandbox.io to skip the painful process of setting up your dev environment.

illustration for Advanced TypeScript Fundamentals

Learn New language features

Advanced TypeScript Fundamentals

Marius Schulz・1h 14m・Course

This course will teach you these new language features TypeScript has to offer. You'll use optional chaining, handle undefined behavior with the unknown type and more!

Digital Gardening for Developers

Learn in public with a digital garden

Digital Gardening for Developers

Success in software development requires deeply layered, high-value communication. If you are serious about making an impact in your coding career, you should get good at writing words as well as code. This an agreed-upon quality for developers. And it all starts with having your own digital garden.

The phrase "digital garden" is a metaphor for thinking about writing and creating that focuses less on the resulting "showpiece" and more on the process, care, and craft it takes to get there. — Joel Hooks

illustration for Create a Digital Garden CLI with Rust
Chris Biscardi・1h 10m
illustration for Build a Site From Scratch with Next.js
Tomasz Łakomy・37m
illustration for Build a Developer Blog with Gatsby
Laurie Barth・35m

Build a New Portfolio Project

illustration for Build a Geolocation Data Engine with Cloudflare Workers
Kristian Freeman
illustration for Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout
Colby Fayock
illustration for Build a Headless Content Management System
Kevin Cunningham・59m・Course

Learn React with Kent

illustration for Simplify React Apps with React Hooks
Kent C. Dodds・38m・Course
illustration for Use Suspense to Simplify Your Async UI
Kent C. Dodds・1h 26m・Course
illustration for The Beginner's Guide to React
Kent C. Dodds・2h 29m・Course
Get Really Good at React on EpicReact.dev by Kent C. Dodds

Amazon Web Services

Deep Dive into AWS 🤯

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over 165 services. Not sure where to start? Let these courses guide you through quickly getting up and running on AWS.

illustration for Deploy Ghost to AWS using RDS and EC2
Sam Julien・40m・Course
illustration for Using DynamoDB with Next.js
Lee Robinson・30m・Course
illustration for DynamoDB: The Node.js DocumentClient
Chris Biscardi・17m・Course
illustration for Intro to DynamoDB
Chris Biscardi・15m・Course
illustration for Learn AWS Lambda from scratch
Tomasz Łakomy・21m・Course

Community Resource

Learn Something New

A Community Resource is a course that is free to access for all. The instructor of this course requested it to be open to the public.

illustration for Get Started with Reason
Nik Graf・1h 13m・Course
illustration for Immutable JavaScript Data Structures with Immer
Michel Weststrate・59m・Course
illustration for Build an App with React Suspense
Michael Chan・1h 23m・Course