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illustration for React Crash Course with Hooks

React Crash Course with Hooks

Chris Achard
Chris Achard

This course gets you up and running with react in under a minute by using codesandbox.io to skip the painful process of setting up your dev environment.

illustration for Build a Modern User Interface with Chakra UI

Lazar will show you how to build well-designed user interfaces without spending a lot of time (if even) styling every component and element with Chakra UI.

illustration for Build Static Pages Dynamically using Next.js and the Notion API

Effortlessly deliver content by combining Notion's delightful authoring experience with Next.js's static page generation.

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Get Really Good at React

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illustration for The Beginner's Guide to React
Kent C. Dodds • 2h 29m • Course
illustration for Develop Accessible Web Apps with React
Erin Doyle • 1h 32m • Course
illustration for React Context for State Management
Dave Ceddia • 35m • Course
illustration for Build Advanced Components with React Hooks
Matías Hernández・27m・Course

Learn how to build complex components using different design patterns implemented with the React Hooks API.

illustration for React Crash Course with Hooks
Chris Achard • Course • 14m

This course gets you up and running with react in under a minute by using codesandbox.io to skip the painful process of setting up your dev environment.

illustration for Shareable Custom Hooks in React
Joe Previte • Course • 30m

In this course, you'll work through refactoring a component to use a custom hook and learn to apply the patterns used by the React team to your own code.

illustration for Build Maps with React Leaflet
Colby Fayock・53m・Course

A series of lessons and challenges that will build your map making skills as you build out a web app for a fictional restaurant.

Learn with Kent C. Dodds

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illustration for The Beginner's Guide to React
Kent C. Dodds • 2h 29m • Course
illustration for Simplify React Apps with React Hooks
Kent C. Dodds・38m・Course
illustration for Use Suspense to Simplify Your Async UI
Kent C. Dodds・1h 26m・Course
Get Really Good at React on EpicReact.dev by Kent C. Dodds
illustration for How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library
Kent C. Dodds • Course • 1h 30m

This course will guide you through a set of steps to publish a JavaScript open source library. From Github and npm, to releasing beta versions, semantic versioning, and more!

illustration for How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub
Kent C. Dodds • Course • 38m

With this course, you’ll be equipped with the the tools, knowledge, and understanding you need to be productive and contribute to the wonderful world of open source projects.

Write Professional, Modern JavaScript

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illustration for Advanced JavaScript Foundations
Tyler Clark・45m・Course
illustration for Understand JavaScript Arrays
Shane Osbourne・1h 10m・Course

Explore JavaScript (es6) array methods. We will slice, join, map, and reduce our way to better understanding of the powerful array methods that modern JavaScript delivers.

illustration for JavaScript Promises in Depth
Marius Schulz・1h 7m・Course

Take an in-depth look at how to use promises to model various kinds of asynchronous operations.

illustration for Reduce Data with Javascript Array#reduce
mykola bilokonsky・48m・Course

This course will dig deep into the Array#reduce in JavaScript and give you a solid understanding to start using it today.

illustration for Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript
Kyle Shevlin • Course • 49m

Learn how to implement data structures, sorting algorithms, and the trade-offs between what algorithms to choose.

Digital Gardening for Developers

Learn in public with a digital garden

Digital Gardening for Developers

Success in software development requires deeply layered, high-value communication. If you are serious about making an impact in your coding career, you should get good at writing words as well as code. This an agreed-upon quality for developers. And it all starts with having your own digital garden.

The phrase "digital garden" is a metaphor for thinking about writing and creating that focuses less on the resulting "showpiece" and more on the process, care, and craft it takes to get there. — Joel Hooks

illustration for Create a Digital Garden CLI with Rust
Chris Biscardi・1h 10m
illustration for Build a Site From Scratch with Next.js
Tomasz Łakomy・37m
illustration for Build a Developer Blog with Gatsby
Laurie Barth・35m

Deep Dive into AWS 🤯

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illustration for Get Started with the AWS Amplify Admin UI
Ali Spittel・16m・Course

In this course, you'll build an Admin UI in AWS Amplify. You'll learn how to model database tables, add authentication and authorization, and manage app content, users, and groups.

illustration for Develop a Serverless Backend using Node.js on AWS Lambda
Nik Graf ・15m ・Course

The core of serverless architectures is auto-scaling systems. We walk through the basics of how to create a serverless API. We start off by creating a simple HTTP endpoint.

Build Fully Responsive, Professionally Designed UIs

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illustration for Accessible Cross-Browser CSS Form Styling
Stephanie Eckles・1h 52m・Course
illustration for Build Modern Layouts with CSS Grid
Hiroko Nishimura • 22m • Course

Learn Redux for 2021 and Beyond

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illustration for Apply Redux to a Modern React Hooks Application
Jamund Ferguson • Course • 42m

Expand Your Abilities with TypeScript

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illustration for TypeScript: Tips and Tricks
Kamran Ahmed・9m・Course
illustration for Up and Running with TypeScript
John Lindquist・22m・Course
illustration for Advanced TypeScript Fundamentals
Marius Schulz・1h20m・Course