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Your deep catalog of byte-sized courses

Get access to 1000s of to the point, practical video lessons on modern web development.

egghead courses are focused and don't waste your time. There's no meandering, no fluff, no filler. Just the best, most relevant content for modern web developers.

You can...

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    Cobble together hours-long videos, docs, tutorials, and forum posts

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    Watch long, unedited videos at 2× speed

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    Dig through the comments when tutorials give you more bugs than working code

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    Read blog post after unreliable blog post

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    Beg for answers on StackOverflow when you hit dead ends

or maybe Skip all of that?

Staying current as a web developer doesn't have to take hours or rob you of your precious little free time.

What if you could simply sit down and start learning? What if you could skip all the searching, the cobbling, the contradictory advice, the bugs, the forums, and the dead ends?

What if you had on-demand experts available to hand you the best, curated material on modern web development?

Think how much easier it would be for you to stay on the bleeding edge of our industry. With just 10-30 minutes a week, you are able to learn and stay current without getting left behind.

With the right teacher and the right courses, this isn't a pipe dream.

Picture yourself months from now, solving juicier problems, using the best tools, and whispering to yourself "I know wtf I am doing."

That is what egghead does for you.

There is an easier way

egghead will turn you into a goto problem-solving web development team player. Learn any time, any place, at your own pace.

We're here to keep your skills sharp. We've designed our courses to advance your skills without sacrificing your precious time.

When you join egghead you'll get:
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    On-demand instant access to hundreds of courses by world-class professional instructors

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    Lessons designed to teach you exactly what you need to know, without any of the fluff or cruft

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    Code examples and projects to immediately test your knowledge

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    Professionally produced and edited videos with high-quality sound and resolution