Over the last several years, TypeScript has been coming on strong with the idea that static types get out of your way and provide deep benefits to code bases of all shapes and sizes, while allowing the flexibility of dynamic types when needed.

TypeScript is a great idea that provides a mature ecosystem, building on top of the ECMAScript we (mostly) all love, while adding protection and resilience to our application without a lot of added hassle or pain.

Love them or hate them, static types are here to stay, and at the very least an interesting concept that deserves inspection and conversation.

Advanced TypeScript Fundamentals

Advanced TypeScript Fundamentals

Marius Schulz

Learn the newest language features TypeScript has to offer. Learn how to use optional chaining, const assertions, conditional types, and more!

Build Interfaces


If you know TypeScript, you may think it's only useful for type checking. However, TypeScript can provide value on the layout of your UI as well! These courses will teach you how to write more maintainable CSS and create scalable design systems for your UI.

State Management

Predictable State Management with TypeScript

State management can be an issue with nearly every UI. It becomes even more of an issue when your team has to guess what each part of the system needs! Use TypeScript to improve the developer experience when managing application state.

Interview Prep

Algorithms With TypeScript

Whiteboard interviews can be a grab bag from lots of different algorithms and data structures. Learn the techniques to implement commonly asked interview questions using TypeScript and never be caught by surprise.

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