One of the web’s most popular frameworks for building JavaScript applications. If you know what you’re doing, React can drastically simplify how you build, use, and maintain code.

Whether you’re a React newbie or you’re ready for advanced techniques, you can level-up with egghead.

You can find courses below curated just for you whether you're looking for a particular topic or want to take your React skills to the next level.

Get Really Good at React on by Kent C. Dodds

Just starting out with React


Above and Beyond


illustration for Redux with React Hooks
Jamund Ferguson
illustration for state management in react

State Management in React

When it comes down to it, nearly every UI problem is a state management problem. Orchestrating a whole symphony of menus, forms, and data requests is hard enough before you even begin debating which of the 99 React state management libraries you should pick.

We've spoken to top experts in the field of state management to hear their thoughts on why the best ideas in state management aren't always the newest, why principles are often universal where implementations are not, and how state management concepts carry across frameworks and tools.

Interview with creator of XState

XState for State Management in React Apps

David Khourshid & Joel Hooks

Joel and David chat about the big ideas of State Management, the difference between a State Machine and Statecharts, and how they overlap with music. David also gives a walkthrough of XState, XState Visualizer, and the upcoming dev tools for XState.

illustration for Introduction to State Machines Using XState
Kyle Shevlin・52m
illustration for Construct Sturdy UIs with XState
Isaac Mann・34m
illustration for React Context for State Management
Dave Ceddia・35m

Series of interviews with experts, open-source maintainers, and UI developers that have combined decades of experience building stateful UI applications for millions of users.

Learn Recoil

Recoil provides a boilerplate-free API for shared state across your React application. It enables you to derive state and display computed data through selectors for efficient updates and performance in your app.

illustration for Getting Started with Recoil in React
Chris Achard ・16m・Course
illustration for Manage React State with Recoil
Yoni Weisbrod ・24m・Course

Written Resources

Mental Models for React

Never written a line of React? We've got a curated guide designed to teach you all the fundamentals skills and mental models you'll need to build in React.

Hiro Nishimura
Kent C. Dodds
Hiro Nishimura
Monica Powell
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