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Build an App with the AWS Cloud Development Kit


Tomasz Łakomy
1h 4m
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Amazon AWS is one of the most popular cloud providers in the world, but it can also be daunting to learn thanks to the alphabet soup of service acronyms.

Once you've figured out which subset of services to use, you've got a lot of clicking around to do in order to get things configured.

Not anymore!

With the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), you are able to configure AWS services from your terminal & editor.

Even better, you can do your configuration, frontend, and backend all with the same language.

In this course, Tomasz Łakomy will guide you through using TypeScript to complete the lifecycle of an application powered by AWS CDK. You'll see how to start a project, develop it locally, deploy it globally, then tear it all down when you're done.

The services & development approach Tomasz demonstrates in this course are used by countless companies around the world.

Is yours next?


Kamil Khadeyev (illustration)

What you'll learn

  • Execute AWS Lambda functions locally
  • Create Amazon S3 buckets with AWS CDK
  • Attach an API Gateway to a Lambda function
  • Add & Remove DynamoDB data with Lambda functions
  • Manage permissions in the cloud
  • Connect a frontend React app to AWS CDK infrastructure
  • Deploy a finished app to S3
  • Destroy a CDK stack

Course Content

1h 4m • 27 lessons