illustration for Full Stack Web3 and Blockchain Development on Ethereum with SvelteKit

Full Stack Web3 and Blockchain Development on Ethereum with SvelteKit

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Published 2 years ago
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Web3 is a paradigm shift in how applications are interacted with, ran, and built.

It’s not just a Pump-and-Dump scheme on cryptocurrencies or Bored Ape NFT profile pictures you can put on Twitter.

A fundamental tenet of Web3 is bringing ownership back to the user. You no longer have to trust that your data is being properly handled on someone else’s server (although, currently Web3 ecosystem mainly depends on centralized infrastructure such as GitHub).

This ownership is achieved through blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and smart contracts.

A great example of this type of ownership is through how you exchange money in Web3. There is no intermediary like Stripe, or PayPal to process your transactions. You can even build your own smart contracts that receive crypto (e.g. Ethereum or ‘eth’ for short) and then process that eth how you’d like.

Building this type of smart contract is exactly what Matías is going to show you how to do right now.

Matías builds out a Web3 application that allows you to receive tips in the form of eth in a tip jar on your website. This means your application will be backed by a smart contract that’s accepts eth, stores data, and emits Solidity events.

The frontend application uses SvelteKit which you’ll see how easy it is to get up and be productive with in minutes. A huge benefit here is that the JavaScript you write is just that, JavaScript. You’ll be able to take what you learn and implement it into any framework of your choosing.

While you build this application you will learn how to:

  • Write a smart contract using Solidity language
  • Test the smart contract using just JavaScript through the waffle framework
  • Communicate and interact with the smart contract using ethers.js in a SvelteKit application
  • Deploy your smart contract to make it public and accessible to anyone

Course Content

1h 5m • 15 lessons

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