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Integrate IBM Domino with Node.js


Mark Barton
57m closed-captioning
13 lessons
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Published 6 years ago
Updated 6 months ago

While this course is for IBM Domino Developers who are looking to utilize Node.js alongside their applications, or Javascript developers looking to integrate with a Domino server. There are quite a few tips and tricks you can learn for integrating Node.js as a proxy server for any REST API you might want to communicate with your JavaScript Application.

We cover how you can continue to use cookies provided by IBM Domino for user authentication and authorization while accessing a Node.js / Express based application, including modifying the standard login form to expose authentication errors.

We show how to store user level information inside a JWT giving the option to store functional levels of access safely. This stateless token can then be decoded server side to list what user roles a user has and therefore can restrict functionality without having to refer back to Domino each time.

The course will demonstrate Create, Read, Update and Delete methods using the Domino Data Services all via the NodeJS application but still maintaining Domino security.

And finally, we show how you can reuse Domino generated HTML inside a handlebars template by scraping and manipulating the HTML.

Course Content

57m • 13 lessons

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