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Use Playwright to Test and Automate Web Applications

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Published 2 years ago
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Quality. Is. paramount.

When you deliver an application to your users, it needs to perform at a high standard. They expect to get their job done and using your service or site is part of that process.

A great way to ensure your users can perform the vital process your service provides is end-to-end (E2E) testing. E2E Testing saves you time and headaches (especially for those of us on call) as it ensures every vital workflow your users perform are bug-free in each and every commit you make.

Whether it’s Friday or earlier in the week, you can be confident your app is performing as it should.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you write and run your tests, for E2E tests, Playwright from Microsoft is a great option.

Basarat demonstrates how to get started with Microsoft Playwright. There’s no fussing with configuring files to work with Playwright. Adding Playwright is as easy as installing it when using create react app. It comes pre-configured out of the box with example tests to follow.

You'll follow this up with various features of Playwright that make it extremely easy for you to test and automate modern web applications.

Microsoft has even created a VS Code extension to allow you to run tests directly in your code editor with just the click of a button. It can time, re-run, and even bulk run all of your tests. You can add breakpoints to pause your tests at a certain point for better debugging. Playwright Test for VSCode helps to create a much smoother workflow, especially when you want to just focus on the code.

Another amazing feature of Playwright is the visual regression testing. A common requirement in web application testing is to make sure that your web application looks exactly as you expect. When running a test with page.screenshot, it takes a picture and compares it to previous screenshots to make sure that your application looks the same.

Basarat has released this course to give you a full tour of Playwright so you can start shipping code with confidence as soon as possible.

You will learn how to:

  • add Playwright to your application
  • generate snapshots on your CI Server
  • quickly generate tests using Codegen

... And more!

So don’t let your code suffer any longer with poor testing or no testing 😳 .

So hop on in and upgrade your testing capabilities.

Course Content

43m • 14 lessons

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