Build a badass developer portfolio

It doesn't matter if you're a bootcamp grad or Principal engineer.

To further your career, you need to prove you know what you know.

Putting keywords like "React" or "AWS" in your resume and social media profiles will get you noticed, but it doesn't necessarily translate into getting you where you want to be.

You need to show, not just tell.

But it's hard.

Maybe all of your work has been in private GitHub repos protected by NDAs. Or if you're still looking for your first big break, you might not have anything outside of tutorial work.

You've seen fancy looking, heavily animated developer websites that show off projects they've built for the famous tech companies. Is that what I'm supposed to build? What if I can't design, and I haven't worked for a big company?

Good news- you don't need that kind of site to get a great job. You just need a place to show what you know.

A simple, well collected set of projects that demonstrates the way you solve real world problems is enough.

How do you actually do it, though?

When it comes time to sit down and do the work, where do you even begin?

What should you do first? What projects should you build? What should you write about?

How can you get the most out of your limited time?

We can help.

After reviewing hundreds of developer portfolios and interviewing dozens of people at various stages of their careers, we've identified the key elements of a successful developer portfolio.

In this six-part email series, you'll be guided through the actionable steps you need to take to build the portfolio that showcases your knowledge, skills, and personality.

Your resume gets you noticed. Your portfolio gets you hired.

Get ahead in your career with an outstanding portfolio

Get the proven, step-by-step guide to building your portfolio.