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Use eleventy layouts

Khaled Garbaya
InstructorKhaled Garbaya

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 10 months ago

In this video, you will learn how to use the eleventy layouts feature. Eleventy Layouts are special templates that can be used to wrap other content.

for more information check the layouts docs

Lecturer: [0:00] First, let's create an _includes folder. Inside of the includes, let's create the first layout. We'll call it "my layout." We'll give it the extension mjk. Let's add some front metadata.

[0:27] This will be title, and my website. Let's paste in some basic HTML. Now, to decide where we will put the content, we will go into the buddy, do double brackets and type here content. We need to call the filters safe.

[0:53] After that's done, let's go to the project root folder and create an MD file. Let's call it PostMD. To tell Eleventy that we want to use a layout, we need some front metadata.

[1:05] Here, we need to type layout, and give it the name of our layout file. Then here, we'll have a simple title. Let's go to /post. You can see here my first post coming from here, and the title is coming from the layout.

[1:44] To override this title, we can simply go to the front matter, add title, and this will be my first post. You can see here, it did override that base title. That's how you use layouts in Eleventy.