Push JSON Data to an Algolia Index from the JavaScript Client

Raphael Terrier
InstructorRaphael Terrier

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 4 years ago

We’ll load a simple JSON file containing 500 actors records from disk and push it to our Algolia index using the Javascript API client.

Instructor: [00:00] Here we have a simple JSON file containing 500 actors objects. Each object has a name, a rating, an image path for their picture, an alternative name, and an id. Now, let's load the local actors.json file, and assign its content to the actors variable.

[00:20] The final step here is to call the index method addObjects, passing in the actors array as its argument. We run the script. Now, let's go to the dashboard to check if everything is there. We can see that our index is now populated with the 500 actors records and all their attributes.