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    Push MySQL Data to an Algolia Index from the JS Client


    We’ll learn how to push a small amount of data from a local MySQL database to an Algolia index. The first step is to connect to the DB using the mysql package, then select all records from the DB and finally push them to Algolia using the JS API client.



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    Instructor: Another common-use case would be to push some data from a database. Here, we'll use MySQL as an example. On a MySQL server running locally, we have previously created an actors table containing 500 rows.

    The columns are mirroring our attributes from our previous example -- name, rating, imagePath, alternativeName, and ID. Now we need to connect the MySQL server. Here, we'll use the MySQL package, providing the host, user, password, and database we want to target.

    Preparing the query, select star from actors_sml. Then, we simply call the addObjects method, passing in the records fetched from our database. Heading back to the dashboard and refreshing the index, we can see that our 500 actors are there.