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    Angular 1.x Redux: Handle Multiple Models by Combining Reducers

    In this lesson, we are going to learn how to enable our store to work with more than one reducer in an application.

    Currently, we have set up our store to work with the categories reducer exclusively, but this leaves us with a real problem, what if we want to keep track of the currently selected category within our store so that we can access that data somewhere else in the app? It is safe to say that most applications consist of many data models interacting together, and we need a way to accommodate this within the single state tree in our application.

    When we initialize our app store, wouldn't it be convenient if we could take all of our reducers and combine them into one big reducer that our store knows how to work with? Well, this is exactly what the combine reducer method does in Redux. It allows us to combine reducers together and then access them as a named property on our application store.

    We currently have a category reducer just hanging out here doing nothing because we have been focusing entirely on the categories reducer. We are going to combine the two reducers so that we can use the current category data within our bookmarks component.

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