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Preview NativeScript apps in the iOS Simulator

Nathan Walker
InstructorNathan Walker
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Published 7 years ago
Updated 2 months ago

We can run our app in the iOS Simulator using the tns command line utilities. Also learn how to target specific simulator devices and versions. You must have a Mac to develop apps for iOS. Ensure you have XCode installed via the Mac App Store, and ensure you have opened it at least once to agree to the terms and install the additional components it may prompt about.

Tom Stones
Tom Stones
~ 7 years ago

just a quick comment that you can find available devices using:

tns emulate ios --available-devices

instead of

xcrun simctl list
Eduardo Valenzuela
Eduardo Valenzuela
~ 5 years ago

Emulate command is not valid anymore

~ 5 years ago

Please update this lesson

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