Course Intro to Angular Elements

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Hi, here's a short intro to my course about Angular Elements.

The goal of this course is to learn about the new Angular Elements API provided by the Angular team. It's a pretty exciting new technology as it allows us to share our Angular components outside of Angular. This opens up a lot of new possibilities, such as fully dynamic components or even including your Angular Elements in applications built with other frameworks such as React or Vue.

So in this course we'll walk through the basics, how to create an Angular Element, compile it and how to handle input and outputs. We'll also experiment with including it in a React application, or even use it in an AngularJS (v1.x) app.

This is just the beginning as the Angular Elements API is still in its very early stages. I expect a lot of new features coming up with the next major versions of Angular.

Enjoy the course

~ a year ago

How heavy are thise angular elements typically? I mean, it sounds pretty hardcore when you compile the whole angular into an element.