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    Simplify Querying for State with ngrx Selectors in Angular


    Transforming data from the store so that it works in our feature components can be a bit clunky and certainly not something that we would want to repeat for every single component that consumes state. Thankfully we have the ability to predefine specific "slices" of state that we want to query from the store and express them in the form of ngrx selectors. Selectors are essentially functions that take state as an input and returns the part of the state that we want in the shape we require. In this lesson, we will build out some basic low-level selectors at our feature reducer as we utilize some very helpful selectors that ngrx entity provides for us right out of the box. We will then create high-level selectors at our top-level reducer that can be consumed across our application and see how it makes selecting state from our state so much easier to read.