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    Lazy Loading non-Angular Libraries with ocLazyLoad

    John LindquistJohn Lindquist

    ocLazyLoad will also load non-Angular libraries in the lazy way.



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    00:00 Now, I want to add the date to the store template that I've loaded in. I'll say Store.Date, and then I'll just pay some Moment code, Moment's a great library for formatting and showing dates. Then, I'll go into my HTML here.

    00:14 We'll make it an H2 and do Store.Date. Then you suddenly realize that, "Wait a second. I haven't loaded in this Moment library yet. How am I going to do that? This is in a loaded-in module. Do I have to go back and add it all the way into my index HTML?"

    00:31 The answer is "No. You can simply load in any library by just passing it in." I'll use a live template here for a moment and just load in Moment. You can see, once I refresh, hit Click Me, that it formats and displays the date.

    00:46 If you check out the network tab, you can see that Moment, once I refresh, is not loaded up front in any of these, but once I hit Click Me, that Moment is the last thing loaded. It loads in the store and the cart in Moment and everything. It satisfies all those dependencies for you.