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    New in Angular 1.3: Updates to forms

    Kent C. DoddsKent C. Dodds

    With the release of AngularJS 1.3, we get some handy additions to forms, including a submitted state and the ability to bind input field names to an expression.



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    Angular 1.3 does a couple of interesting things to forms. The first, a form has a submitted state. If we see down here, myForm.$submitted is false. In our markup, we have myForm, which is bound to that name on the scope and $submitted. This $submitted is new.

    If I go up here, say, "Hello," and then submit, you can see now that this submitted is now true. One other thing that I think is key is now this name property is interpolatable. It can be interpolated. It's passed through the parser before myField is attached to the myForm on the scope.

    We can say, "fieldName." Actually, let's put that on the view model. Good practice there. viewModel.fieldName equals myField. Now, everything works great. These are welcome changes to forms.