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Remove an AWS CloudFormation Stack

Rich Buggy
InstructorRich Buggy

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

This lesson will show you how to remove an AWS CloudFormation stack using the AWS Console and the AWS CLI

Instructor: [00:02] Once we're finished, we can remove the CloudFormation stack. You can do this in the AWS console by clicking on the radio button next to the stack name and clicking delete, or you can go to the command line and type, AWS CloudFormation delete stack.

[00:20] You'll need to use the stack name option to provide the name of the stack to delete, the profile option to provide a profile that can delete the stack, and the region that the stack was deployed to. This will trigger deletion of the stack and return immediately.

[00:37] You can then watch the stack being deleted from the AWS console. Once the stack has been deleted, it will disappear from the list.