Create a new GlimmerJS component

Bram Borggreve
InstructorBram Borggreve

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

In this lesson we will use the ember cli to generate a new component. Running ember g glimmer-component my-component generates the template and component class. We change the content of our component and add it to the main template in order to show it on the page.

[00:00] We generate a new component called My-Components. This generates two files and source RY components, My-Component, the component class, and the template. We open up template.hps, and add some content to the DIV.

[00:20] In order to make these components visible, we open up our maintemplate.hps, and add our component using the tag My-Component. After the auto reload, we should see our text appear.