Create a Card Layout with CSS Grid

Ali Spittel
InstructorAli Spittel

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

We'll use display: grid; to make our parent element into a grid container. Then, we'll use grid-gap to add a gutter between our elements. Finally, we'll use grid-template-columns, the repeat function and fr units to create equally sized columns for our layout.

Ali Spittel: [0:00] I have some pre-written code in my HTML. I have six divs with a class card. Each one has Lorem ipsum text in it. They're all children of my main element which has the class card-container on it.

[0:14] In my CSS, my card elements already have a width to them and a background-color for easy viewing. First, I'll take my main element with a class card-container and add display: grid to it so that it's a grid container. Then I'll add grid-template-columns: 1fr 2fr 1fr. You can see that now my cards each take up different width on my page.

[0:51] Fr stands for fractional unit. Since I have four fractional units, 1 + 2 + 1, the first column takes up one fourth of the grid container. The second takes up two fourths or one half. The third takes up one quarter as well.

[1:07] I can make this a little bit more clear by adding on a grid-gap. This will add a gutter in between each one of my cards. If I change my 2fr to 1fr, now each one of my cards takes up one third of the page.

[1:29] I can also refactor this to use the repeat function. This is the same thing that I had before. If I changed the 3 to a 4, then I'd have four equally sized columns. If I change the 1fr to 200 pixels, then each one of my columns would be 200 pixels across. Change this back to what we want, which is three 1fr units.

[2:06] To recap, I made my main card container into a grid container. I then added a grid-gap to make it so that there was a gutter between the elements. Finally, I added grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr) to make it so that I have three columns in each row, each one taking up one third of the page.