Utilize Firefox Developer Tools to Visualize CSS Grid Styles

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

For this lesson, you will need to install Firefox Browser Developer Edition to use the CSS Grid dev tools available within the browser.

Once installed, you can right-click on your HTML page, hit inspect, and look over to the right side of the tools. There is a grid section that you can open that will let you visualize your CSS Grid in a helpful way as you continue developing your app. This is great for troubleshooting if you don't know why your grid is misaligned.

Instructor: [0:01] Go to mozilla.org, and download the Firefox Developer Edition. It has great developer tools to help you visualize the CSS grid. Once installed, open the index.html page for this lesson with Firefox Developer Edition and right-click Inspect Element.

[0:18] Find grid, usually situated on the right side, and check the div.container under overlay grid. You can change the color to something that's highly visible. Now you can see the grid elements and the grid gaps. When you go into the code in the developer tools and begin clicking on the code, you can see which line of code gives you each grid element and what its dimensions are.

[0:40] Aside from being a very good visualization tool to see how your CSS grid is constructed, it's also a great tool for troubleshooting.