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    Write a Basic HTTP Server in Dart


    In this lesson, you will write a basic HTTP server in the Dart programming language. We will be using the HttpServer class from Dart's inbuilt 'dart:io' library to achieve this.

    Dart is an object-oriented programming language by Google, which aims to help the developer build modern web applications. It covers client, server and now mobile with Flutter. It comes with a range of tools including a virtual machine, core libraries, and package management repository, lending enough ammunition to start your next project.

    Learn more at https://dartlang.org



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    Instructor: In main.dat, we'll import the data, your library, which contains the classes we need to create our server. In our main function, we'll create an HTTP server that binds to a localhost port. Calling the bind method returns a future, which exposes a done function to be called once the server has been bound to a port.

    With our HTTP server object, we can now listen for incoming requests, and then write out the response, not forgetting to end our response. Let's start the server and try this. There we have it.