Full Stack Development in the Era of Serverless Computing

Instructornader dabit

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As the costs associated with software development continue to increase, companies & developers are looking for ways to increase their efficiency & do more with their existing skillset. Meanwhile, in the serverless movement, there has been an evolution in the way companies think about the way they are building applications, reducing the initial cost of development by taking advantage of managed services like Auth0, Cloudinary, Firebase, & AWS Lambda instead of building & maintaining their own servers & service implementations.

When people speak about serverless, they typically tend to think about a collection of functions calling each other when in reality the best serverless applications consist of thick client code handling all interaction logic, heavy use of managed services & small glue functions to fill in the missing pieces.

In this talk, I’ll introduce a workflow that allows front end developers to build full stack applications using JavaScript by taking advantage of managed services, implementing real-world features like authentication, managed GraphQL APIs, serverless Lambda functions, & chatbots using a CLI based workflow.