Returning Multiple Values from a Function in Go

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 9 months ago

Returning multiple values from a function is a common idiom in Go, most often used for returning values along with potential errors. We'll go over how to return multiple values from a function and use those values in our program.

Instructor: [00:00] Here we have a Go program that uses a function that takes a number, multiplies it by two, and then returns that number. If we run this program, we can see the output is eight because we passed in four to the function.

[00:14] To make this function return both n and the n2 value, we'll first need to change the return type to return two ints. Then, we'll use a comma to return both n and n2 in our values. When we assign the result of *2 to our variables, we will also want to use a comma to capture both variables.

[00:44] Then, we can print both of them at the same time. Let's run the program again, and now we can see four and eight.