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    Start a Nuxt Project with npx and the Vue.js CLI


    The initial setup of a Nuxt project is pretty straight-forward, but as with any project you’ll want to make a few tweaks of your own to get started. This lesson walks through the setup process and a few minor adjustments to get the News app on the right track.



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    We'll start with a combination of NPX and the Vue CLI to emit the next.community/starter template, and we'll call our folder hacker next. Hit enter, let NPX and the Vue CLI do their thing. Then accept all the defaults.

    I'll use Visual Studio code to open the hacker next folder, then with our project open, I'll go ahead and npm install the dependencies. Once that's done, I'll npm run dev, just to make sure it's working. Then I'll open localhost:3000, and you can see the starter template running on that port.

    Now, to clear out the visuals from the starter template, going to delete the default layout. In the index view page, select all, and I'll say template is just a div that says hello world in it. Now, all I will have is just hello world.

    Then lastly, just for instructional purposes, I'm going to go into the config and turn off the ES lint task, simply to avoid going off on formatting tangents. Now, it won't run that linter every time I save.