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Tom Chant
InstructorTom Chant
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Published 9 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

Learn how to set up a project in VS Code using the OpenAI dependency.

[00:00] Let's see how we can get this project up and running in VS Code with the OpenAI Dependency. So the first thing to do is to come on to this or any other Scrim and you don't need to have a Scrimbler account to do this. You can just click this cog icon down in the bottom right hand corner.

[00:17] That's going to bring up a menu. Select download a zip. You need to unzip that package on your PC and then open the folder in VS Code. So it's just file and open folder and often the folder has actually got this really convoluted randomly generated name.

[00:34] And of course you can change that to whatever you want. Now inside this folder we've got several files. This one here is called readme for a reason. Let's open it and see what it says. And basically it's telling us that we need to run npm install and npm start.

[00:51] So what we need to do then is open up the terminal and when we do that we will get a new instance of the terminal down here. And this is where we can write npm install and I've just put it a little bit bigger there just so you can read it. When you do that npm install is going to do its thing.

[01:09] Once it's done down here you can run npm start and again there it is a little bit bigger. And that will do its thing and eventually down in the terminal you will see this. And so to run the project locally now all we need to do is go to this link.

[01:26] And the link is made of your local IP address and this port. So the port in this case is 5173. Now you could replace your local IP address with localhost and then have the colon and then the port. That will also work just fine.

[01:41] The quickest way to click on this link is in Mac to hold down command in Windows to hold down control. And then that link becomes clickable and it should take you through to your browser with the project running. And you can see here I'm accessing this on localhost but the IP address would work there just fine.

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