Generate a new Elixir project using Mix

Kyle Gill
InstructorKyle Gill

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

Bootstrap a new Elixir project using Mix (a build tool included when you install Elixir), with its built in project generation.

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Kyle Gill: [0:00] Installing Elixir includes a build tool called Mix. You can generate a new Elixir project with the command mix new and the path to where your project will be.

[0:08] You can optionally provide a --module parameter to name the modules in the generated code. Using the same module name as the path, change from snake case to upper camel case, results in the same code generated from solely just mix new hello_world.

[0:25] You'll see several new files and folders generated, including an auto-formatting configuration file, a gitignore with some defaults, a mix file which includes configuration metadata like dependencies for the project, an auto-generated README, a lib directory with the application code, and a test directory for tests.