Overview of the demo application and tools we'll use

Jorge Vergara
InstructorJorge Vergara
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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Get familiar with the demo application I've created to teach you about Firebase's emulators as well as the tools that we will be using.

Instructor: Since this course isn't about building an application but rather about integrating the emulator in your Firebase application, you can use any app you already have with Firebase.

I build a small application with a few features to showcase how the emulator interacts with them, like authentication. When I create users log in to the app or use password reset, it will talk to the emulator instead of my deployed Firebase application, and regular CRUD to add or view events from the database to showcase how we interact with the emulator database.

My application is built with Angular, so I'm using AngularFire as a wrapper to talk to Firebase, but you don't have to worry about it because AngularFire is a wrapper on top of the JavaScript SDK, so all of the functionality that you are importing from AngularFire, you can also import it from Firebase itself.

For example, I'm importing getFirestore and connect-firestore emulator from AngularFire, but I can do the same with Firebase, Firestore, and you can see that getFirestore is here and connect-firestore emulator is also here. Both functions are in the Firestore package. If you want to take a deeper dive on how the application was built, I will leave the code linked In the description.

Bob Massarczyk
Bob Massarczyk
~ 2 years ago

"If you want to take a deeper dive on how the application was built, I will leave the code linked In the description." - the link in the description points to a repo with only a README.md and no other branches to check out. Do I assume correctly that there is no code available?

Jorge Vergara
Jorge Vergarainstructor
~ 2 years ago

Hey Bob, I'm sorry, it looks like I added the link to the course outline instead, this is the repo with the code: https://github.com/javebratt/firebase-emulator-course

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