Create a LinearGradient background with Flutter

Paul Halliday
InstructorPaul Halliday

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Published 5 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Learn how to add a LinearGradient to your BoxDecoration widgets. This allows you to create fancy backgrounds within your Flutter applications!

Instructor: [0:00] I have a newly-created flutter project. I have a contain element and that contain element has a decoration property. The decoration can be provided a box decoration. The box decoration has a gradient property which we can supply at LinearGradient.

[0:17] The LinearGradient has some colors and that's a list of colors that we can select such as and This gives us a blue and red gradient. We can then determine the alignment of the gradient. Let's add a begin which will be alignment.topright to the end which is the alignment.bottomleft.

[0:46] We can add extra colors to the gradient by adding a colors.yellow. We can determine the fraction using stops. This will determine how much of the color is taken up within the gradient. Let's maybe add .1 to .4 and then 1. We've now determined when one color should stop and the other should start.