Setup your first Dart project on Windows

Jermaine Oppong
InstructorJermaine Oppong

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 9 months ago

We will setup our first command-line Dart application. We will use the Chocolatey package manager to install the SDK and write our first program. This will form the basis for future lessons.

Get Chocolatey →

Get the gist of commands →

Instructor: [00:00] Using the Chocolatey package manager, we can install the Dart SDK by running choco install dart-sdk. Alternatively, you can install the Dev Channel version by passing the pre flag. To upgrade a pre-existing Dart installation, run choco upgrade dart-sdk.

[00:23] Restart your command prompt in order to confirm your Dart installation. Confirm Dart is properly installed by typing the dart command and passing the version flag.

[00:32] In your working folder, create a pubspec.yaml file. A pubspec file contains metadata and configuration related to a Dart project. We will enter the minimum information about our project, such as a name, description, and an author.

[00:48] All starting files go in a bin folder. Let's create one containing a main.dart file. In this file, we will define a top-level function called main. Dart requires this function to start our application. Save the file and run. This completes the lesson.