Add a Gatsby Plugin using a Gatsbyjs Recipe

Khaled Garbaya
InstructorKhaled Garbaya

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

In Create a Custom Gatsbyjs Recipe for Installing NPM Packages you learned how to write a Gatsby Recipe to install an NPM Package. For gatsby plugins and themes, there is a config step as well.

In this lesson we will create a new step within a recipe that will install the gatsby-plugin-postcss package and configure it within gatsby-config.js using the GatsbyPlugin component. NOTE: Options support for configuring plugins coming soon.

Khaled Garbaya: [0:00] To add a Gatsby plugin, let's first create a new [inaudible] . Here we'll add a description. Let's install the NPMPackage over the plugin. Next, let's use the GatsbyPlugin component to configure Gatsby to use that plugin. We will give it a name. The name will be gatsby-plugin-postcss. Let's hit Save and run our recipe again.

[0:28] First step is installing Tailwind CSS. The second step is adding this gatsby-plugin-postcss. Now that's done, if we go to our gatsby-config.js, all the way down, you can see here we added that plugin. It's also installed as a dependency right here.

[1:03] In review, to add a GatsbyPlugin through recipe, you need to install it using the NPMPackage component, and then use the GatsbyPlugin component to add that to the Gatsby config.