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    Add documentation to a Gatsby site with the Docz Gatsby theme

    Kyle GillKyle Gill

    In this lesson, learn how to quickly add documentation pages to a Gatsby site with Docz's Gatsby theme.

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    Instructor: Inside of the Gatsby project, I'm using the default Gatsby starter. Run npm install --save gatsby-theme-docz@next to install the latest version of the docz theme. To verify it installed in your package.json, you should see a version that is at 2.0or higher. Then you can add the theme to your plugins array inside of your Gatsby config file.

    With the theme added, you can add MDX files that will automatically be turned into docs pages. Add a file alongside the image component called image.mdx with the frontmatter name image and route image. The name will appear in the sidebar. The route is where the page will be set up. You can then add markdown and import components to use inside the page.

    Start your server with gatsby develop and navigate to the image route. You should see a doc page with the image component.