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    Deploy a Gatsby website on Netlify


    In this lesson, you will learn how to push your website code to Github and Build and deploy it using Netlify



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    Instructor: In GitHub, let's create a new repository. Here, we will name it JAMstack tutorials. We can create the repository. Now, let's follow these instructions. Mainly, we'll add this remote.

    Go to the command line. Here, we will paste this. Hit enter. Now that we have the remote added, let's add everything and commit. Now, let's push.

    Let's go back to our repository. Refresh. Now, we have all the code in here committed. Let's go to Netlify. After you log in, this is your main dashboard. You click new site from Git. Here we click GitHub.

    After I am authorized, I can look for the repository that they have. If we type just JAMstack, it will be more than enough.

    This is our repository. You can see here that it's a Gatsby project. It will run this Gatsby build command from my server. Let's deploy the site. You can see the logs. This is our website being built.

    Now, our site is live. We can click on the preview button. You can see here this is our website. We can navigate and go to the lessons and read everything. That's how you deploy your Gatsby website to Netlify.