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    Build a Blog with React and Markdown using Gatsby Update

    Install Gatsby v1 and Scaffold a Blog


    In this lesson, you’ll install Gatsby and the plugins that give the default starter the ability to transform Markdown into HTML.



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    Instructor: I'm going to get started by doing npm install-g gatsby-cli. After it's done doing its thing, we'll do gatsby new, and I'll call it my blog. When it's done, I'll cd into my blog and I'm going to install couple of plugins to convert mark down into HTML. I'll do yarn add gatsby-source-filesystem and gatsby-transformer-remark.

    Now that the plugins are installed we need to add them to our gatsby-config file. I'll reformat this file a little bit. Now under plugins, we'll add gatsby-transformer-remark and then we can feed a configuration object that will set up gatsby-source-filesystem for us.

    We'll resolve gatsby-source-filesystem. For options, we'll pass the name of source, and for path, we'll give it a string template with __dirname for our current directory/src, and now we're set up.