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    WTF is JAMstack


    What is JAMStack?

    JAMstack stands for Javascript API Markup. It’s a modern way of building a web app based on client side technologies that use Javascript, and APIs to extends its functionality like pulling content or authorization. And a prebuilt Markup

    For example here I have a Gatsby website that pulls the content from Contentful.

    Gatsby is the javascript part because it’s built with javascript it also Provides the M part which is the prebuilt Markup once that is loaded by the user Gatsby will lazily load React and turn my website into a fully fledged React App.

    The API part here is Contentful I am using Contentful's API to pull content and render it at build time in my website but since a Gatsby website is a full-blown React App at the end of the day you can call APIs also at runtime like Authentication.

    What is not JAMStack?

    A monolithic server-run web app that relies on a server technology like Ruby, python or Nodejs. What is also not JAMstack is a website that is baked