Query Multiple Services with OneGraph GraphiQL Editor

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 months ago

In this lesson, we create an OneGraph application. We use the data explorer to build a GraphQL query to fetch data services like npm and dev.to.

Ian Jones: [0:00] Here, you can see I'm on OneGraph's home page. I'm going to log in. Now that I'm logged in, I'm winded on their dashboard. You can see that I've created some apps. I'm going to create a new one, going to accept their name. Once you create an app, you're in the app dashboard.

[0:23] I'm going to head over to the Data Explorer tab. Here are a bunch of services that OneGraph can query. As an example, I'm going to query npm. When we delete that, we're going to query npm package graphql. I'll grab the name. When you click run, you can see that data is being returned.

[0:47] Then I'm going to add another service, so we'll add dev.to. Go to articles/nodes, where's the title? When I click Run, you can see that data from npm and data from dev.to is being returned in oneGraphQL query.