Setup GreenSock as a Module with Parcel

InstructorJohn Lindquist

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Modern development requires modern tooling. Rather than adding GreenSock as a script to an HTML page, we're going to install GreenSock using Yarn and set up our development environment using Parcel. This will allow us to quickly iterate and test out our animation ideas. GreenSock is abbreviated as gsap when importing.

~ 2 years ago

It's honestly surprising how simple bundling can be without webpack.

~ 2 years ago

problem is, webpack still holds a massive % of users compared to parcel, so I would have hoped this should of showed how to set it up for webpack too.

ed leach
~ 2 years ago

Mr. Lindquist, Your voice is so similar to Dave Ceddia's. Even your cadence is similar. This means at least 2 things. 1. My ear is sensitive to voices. 2. I'm a dev online class junkie. Thanks for the good lessons.

Etenne-Joseph Charles
~ 2 years ago

Hey John! Could you tell us how you got your vscode setting to get the "script" tab opening automatically on a new line - When you started to edit the package.json ?

Greg Miller
~ 2 years ago

I wouldn't change a thing. What is missing from online courses is the combination of Modern JS with the Greensock examples. I appreciate combining Parcel with this; that was very slick. I don't use Parcel too much but you know it will always work, vs other toolsets that are evolving. I appreciated the steady increase in complexity; I've been using Greensock on the occasional projects and this course inspired me to add click events. I look forward to new courses given by John. This experience has inspired me to give a similar talk to a regional WordCamp. I think theme developers like me will eat this up!