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    Deploy and Host a Static Webpage for Free with Netlify

    Chris AchardChris Achard
    htmlHTML 5

    We're finally done with patio11bot! To get it online and served at patio11bot.com, we'll use the service https://www.netlify.com/ - which provides quick (and free!) hosting for static sites.



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    Instructor: We have our patio11bot fully functioning. Now, it's time to deploy. I'm going to use a service called Netlify to do that because of how simple it is to deploy a static site, either from a GitHub repo or straight from a folder on your computer.

    The first thing that you have to do is sign up. I ended up signing up with GitHub so that I would already be connected when I wanted to access my repos later. If you choose another method, that's fine. You can connect your repo later or you can skip that altogether, like we'll see.

    Once you're logged into Netlify, you will see all the sites that you've already deployed. You'll see two ways to add a new one. You can add one by connecting your GitHub repo directly, which is nice because then you can deploy automatically when you push the GitHub, or you can upload a folder straight from your computer.

    I have the patio11bot folder here. I can just drop it in. Just like that, it's deployed. Netlify gives me a custom URL, so let's click on that. Here we are, live on the web with a static site.

    If we go back to the Netlify dashboard, we can see that the next option is to set up a custom domain. You can register your domain directly here, or if you type it in and you already own the address, it will explain how to redirect your current domain to point to your new Netlify site.

    Keep in mind that DNS changes can take a few hours to propagate. After you follow those steps, here we go. The patio11bot is live on patio11bot.com.