Initialize a project using Glimmer.js

Bram Borggreve
InstructorBram Borggreve

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Published 6 years ago
Updated 4 years ago

GlimmerJS is a UI component library built by the Ember.js team. It is fast and lightweight and uses a combination of TypeScript and Handlebars to build the components.

In this lesson we will use the Ember CLI to initialize a new GlimmerJS project.

We will start by installing Ember CLI globally by running npm install -g ember-cli/ember-cli.

Next we will use the ember command to create our new project by running ember new egghead-glimmer -b @glimmer/blueprint .

When our project is created we cd into the project directory and start the development server. We will view the page in the browser and change the base template.

[00:00] We install Ember CLI globally. Next, we use the Ember command to create a new app called Egghead-Glimmer, using the Glimmer blueprints. The base project will be generated, and the dependencies will be installed. We CD into the Egghead-Glimmer directory and start the server.

[00:17] This will start the development server on local host port 4200. Here, we will be greeted with the message, "Welcome to Glimmer." In order to update this message, we open template.hbs in the source/ui-components/egghead-glimmer directory. When we change the value of the H1 tag, we see it reflects it in the browser.