An Introduction to JSPM (JavaScript Package Manager)

John Lindquist
InstructorJohn Lindquist

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JSPM can handle installed packages, transpiling ES6, and bundling all from the command-line. This video gives a quick overview of install JSPM, installing packages with JSPM, writing a very simple app in ES6 that uses those packages, then bundling up for production.

~ 6 years ago

How do you incorporate pre-processing into the bundle process? Specifically, with angular you need to run ng-annotate on the code prior to transpile and minification. JSPM allows configure of a transpiler, but I need to pre-process those file first. Also, when using LESS, the *.less scripts need to be transpiled/concatenated into an app.css file. How can we incorporate these two pre-process events within the JSPM bundle functionality?