Configure and Run a Node.js API Powered by a Vue Application

Joel Lord
InstructorJoel Lord

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First, we'll get a tour of the application and what it does then we will start configuring a fresh project.

The application UI is simple. It asks for a keyword and will search and display a random GIF from Giphy. Once you are satisfied with the image, you will be able to add a caption to it. The server will deconstruct the GIF frames, add the caption and re-create the GIF for you. Everything is then saved to a database so that all the users can benefit from your creations.

The tech involved to do this is a Vue frontend, Node.js backend, and MySQL database. I'll walk you through cloning, installing dependencies, configuring the giphy API key that we use, and starting the application. You'll notice at the end we'll need to configure the database. We'll get an error but this is expected!