Select an HTML Element with document.querySelector

Ian Jones
InstructorIan Jones

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

You can use document.querySelector to fetch elements from your HTML document.

In this lesson, we pass an Id to querySelector indicated with a #.


querySelector will return the first element that it matched.

Instructor: [0:00] Here we have an HTML page that has an unordered list with two list items. If we wanted to get access to this second list item, we can use this ID, movie2, to query the DOM and retrieve it.

[0:16] We're going to add a script tag at the bottom of the page. We're going to name it const knivesOut. We can get this list item element by querying document.querySelector. We use the # to indicate that we're querying by ID, and movie2.

[0:43] Now that we have this knivesOut element, we can console.log(knivesOut). Then go to the browser. If we open our developer tools and reload, we'll see that we are getting the knivesOut element. It's an LI, it has an inner text of Knives Out.