Time is a Hidden Variable in JavaScript

InstructorJohn Lindquist

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Time causes bugs. This is because we often don't know how to handle the many different scenarios that emerge when dealing with asynchronous code. A main goal of this course is to help your feel comfortable attacking bugs due to time so you can build the advanced features that main your app shine.

~ 4 months ago

Hey there!

I feel like a missed a lesson between video 5 and 6.. I am not familiar with operators, and it is not clear that the operator is being called on the first run.

Defining a function that takes a function, and returns a function that takes a function is a bit rough without explanation haha.

Would it not be possible to pass these two functions as parameters to operator?

Ex: const operator = (broadcaster, listener) => ...

I am guessing it has something to with the scope/closure.

Thanks !

Richard Dyce
~ 4 months ago

That's my feeling too. The explanations for broadcaster and listener were clear, but there was a whiff of handwaving for the operator - it did feel if 30 seconds was missing between 5 and 6

~ 4 months ago

It became clear in the following section :)
Just a bit unnerving to start us off.