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    Enable High Contrast Mode on Windows

    Erin DoyleErin Doyle

    Learn the various ways to access and enable High Contrast Mode on Windows.



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    Erin Doyle: Here we are in Windows 10, and we want to enable high contrast mode. The fastest way to do so is to go down to the search box and enter "high contrast mode."

    Here are the high contrast settings. There are four themes to choose from. There's High Contrast #1, High Contrast #2, the Black theme, and the White theme. We're going to go ahead and apply the White theme.

    One way we can add a shortcut to get back to these settings quickly is by right-clicking on the High contrast item in the Ease of Access menu and selecting Pin to Start. Now, when we go to the Start menu, we can see the high contrast settings.

    Another way we can get back to these settings quickly is by creating a shortcut. You go to the desktop, select New > Shortcut.

    For the location we need to enter MS > Settings > Ease of Access > High contrast. We'll give that a name of "High contrast mode." Hit Finish. Now I've got a shortcut. When we double-click it, it brings us right back to the settings.