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    WebStorm - Installing Custom Color Schemes (dayleress/colour-schemes)


    In this lesson, we'll walk through installing a custom color scheme into our WebStorm IDE. Dayle Rees's daylerees/colour-schemes has a great collection of themes ready to install in different formats for various editors.

    For this example, we will install the Peacocks In Space theme into an OS X WebStorm 11 EAP installation. Note: This process will be very similar (or identical) for previous versions of WebStorm and other editors in the JetBrain's family of editors.



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    I'm going to walk through installing that custom theme for WebStorm, and we're going to be pulling the theme from the Dayle Rees Colour Scheme repo. If you haven't seen this, he has a lot of things here, you can view them in preview. What I'm looking for is going to be peacock in space, peacocks in space. We're going to install this on WebStorm.

    I have an existing project here I have open, and just my current settings. So, let's walk through what it takes to get this theme installed on my WebStorm installation. The first thing, we need to find the theme, and there's a folder here for the JetBrains editors. If we just search for, "peacocks in space," this is the file that we want, and we'll just go ahead and copy the .RAR link for that.

    Now we're going to download that into the correct directory here, it's going to be library, preferences, and we're going to have a few directories here. We're in WebStorm 11, and we're going to go into the colors directory. We did copy that URL, so we'll download it right here.

    Now we need to restart WebStorm, and we're back. So now we're going to need to open up our settings here, and we're just going to go to the colors and font settings. Let's go ahead and just preview some JavaScript. Now, drop down the scheme, and we should see here, "peacocks in space."

    Let's go ahead and copy that so we can customize that. We can go ahead and say, "OK, here's our new theme." I always like to bump up the font size on those, so let's do that. We can go up to 15 and then 1.3. Now I can see that we have the peacock in space theme installed on WebStorm, and you can repeat that for any of these color schemes. You just need to download this ICLS file, and restart WebStorm and select it as your current setting.