Create Nodes and Relationships in Neo4J with Cypher

Matt Ross
InstructorMatt Ross

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Published 4 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

There are different types of data in Neo4J: Nodes and Relationships. We will cover the ways to create each type of data: creating nodes with properties, creating nodes with relationships, and creating constraints on nodes and relationships.

Instructor: [00:00] The most basic CREATE command has the following structure. CREATE followed by a variable name and a label in parentheses, separated by a colon. We can also assign multiple labels to a node.

[00:13] This will create a node with the label "Character" in our graph. If we want to do something a little more useful, we can set key value pairs when creating the node. We can also set these properties by using the SET clause and referencing the variable Leia.

[00:34] The CREATE statement can also be used to create data other than nodes. We can, for instance, create nodes with relationships between them and optionally, create properties on those relationships.

[00:47] We can also create a constraint on our graph, asserting that only one node with a certain property value can exist. We can do similar things with relationships. Here, we will say that a particular property must exist on all relationships of a given type. Similarly, we can drop any constraints we may have created.