Fixing the Netlify Identity Widget when it prevents clicks after login

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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Published 2 years ago
Updated a year ago

The netlify identity widget overlays the entire page with an iframe. this can cause the application to not receive click events. In this lesson we go over how to fix that.

Instructor: [00:00] Our application is starting to shape up. We've got a home page with a navigation and a login button. We've got a dashboard with a login button, and if we log in on one of the pages, we can get to the authenticated dashboard, which also lets us log out.

[00:16] Apart from the fact that we don't have a navigation on the logged-out version of the dashboard, and that there are many design tweaks to make here, we can't actually click some of the buttons after we interact with the netlify-identity widget sometimes.

[00:28] To fix that, we can put netlify-identity.close inside of the login event and inside of the logout event.