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    Make a Twitter Audio Bot That Composes a Song Based on a Tweet

    Make a Twitter Audio Bot That Composes a Song Based on a Tweet - In the final bot lesson, we'll compose a ditty based on a tweet, save it as an audio file, and post it to Twitter. Because Twitter only supports uploading audio in video form, we'll learn how to create a video from the MIDI file and post it to Twitter. This is a longer video since we are going over how to create this pipeline from scratch.

    For more Natural Language Processing, see the course on Natural: https://egghead.io/courses/natural-language-processing-in-javascript-with-natural

    We'll use RiTa to tokenize the text of a tweet and find the parts of speech: https://rednoise.org/rita/

    We'll use Jsmidigen to compose a tune in a MIDI format: https://www.npmjs.com/package/jsmidgen

    We'll also use FFMPEG, which will help us create a video from our audio and a picture: https://ffmpeg.org/

    And we'll use TiMidity to convert our MIDI file to a Wav file: http://timidity.sourceforge.net/

    You can use any image in place of the black image used in this video.

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