Use the Nx Graph to Visualize Your Workspace

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Published 5 months ago
Updated a month ago

Not only do you get excellent speed and caching features, you also get a really cool graph from Nx that lets you see a visual representation of your workspace.

Juri Strumpflohner: [0:00] Adding Nx to pnpm workspace doesn't just give us the benefit of the speed in caching that we convert here in nx.json, but it also comes with a cool feature, which is the graph. We can just run Nx graph on our pnpm workspace. This would open up a browser window, which allows us to inspect our current situation of the workspace. [0:24] We have a very simple scenario here where we really just have the My Remix app that depends on the shared UI. You can even click on Add just here and understand why this relationship exists. In this specific case because the My Remix app in the package.json defined such a dependency.