Introduction to Advanced SQL for Professional Developers

Tyler Clark
InstructorTyler Clark
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Published 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago

Thanks for watching the course! In this video I am going to walk you through some info that is good to be aware of before watching the course.

Instructor: [0:00] Hello, everyone. Take the time to thank you for checking on my course. I loved making the fundamental SQL course last year, and wanted to do a part two this year, which is going to focus more on advanced topics.

[0:13] Just to give you an idea of what to expect going to this course. This is more of the advanced side of SQL stuff. If you're new to databases, relational databases, Postgres, that kind of stuff, I recommend starting with prerequisites, which is referencing my previous fundamental SQL course that you can find here on Egghead.

[0:33] Watching that SQL fundamentals course is going to give you a good foundation for moving into these more advanced topics. There's also a little audio clip here that's about six minutes long. I talk more about this course with Taylor Bell from Egghead. If you're interested, feel free to click on that and you can hear me talk and answer some questions that he has about it.

[0:53] Also, what's cool about this course that's different from my other ones is there's community notes done for this course on each lesson. If you click on this link, it's going to take you to a free here, which is going to reference my course.

[1:09] Egghead has some cool learn advocates that already went through and watched some course lesson by lesson and they've put together a bunch of notes on each one of those lessons. For example, the working with JSON in SQL, there's some cool artwork that's been put together to help you understand what's being taught in those lessons.

[1:30] There's one of these for each one of the lessons that I've put together on this course. Another great resource for you as you're going through my course, and you have questions or you want to see some visual aspects to each lesson, feel free to click on that link.

[1:43] Again, it's free. You can go through each one of those lessons, and see for yourself a little more visual of what's happening and what I'm teaching you. If you want to go to the next level with this, you can purchase the premium workshop bundle, which is like an add-on product to your Egghead membership if you have one.

[2:01] If you want to see me teach this content in more of a workshop style, what's more like this where I'm talking to a camera and I had people in the audience that came and paid for the course and to watch me teach the workshop, you can do that. This is a recording of that workshop.

[2:17] As you can see, you're also going to get enhanced transcripts, which is taking the community notes and the transcripts of each lesson to the next level. This is going to be different depending on if you're a member or not. If you're interested in that, definitely check that out and add that to your cart to get access to that.

[2:36] Other than that, each one of these lessons are pretty self-explanatory. Again, they're more on the advanced side. If things go over your head, maybe take a step back, go back to watch the fundamentals course to get better understanding what's happening in this. Other than that, feel free to click through these lessons.

[2:54] If you watched all the way through, there's going to be a chance for you to leave a review with some questions. I always watch for those reviews coming in to tune what I might have missed or to go back on work on that feedback that I get from you. Definitely leave me some feedback, whether good or bad. Always interested in that. You can find me on Twitter and just DM a question that you have.

[3:15] Thanks again for watching my course. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

~ 32 minutes ago

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